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A Night to Remember: #ThunderFromDownUnder With My Partner's Other Partners

Last Tuesday night was officially the funnest night of 2019! I went to see the Thunder From Down Under show with my partner's other female friends. It was an unforgettable experience not only because we got to enjoy a wonderful performance by hot Australian men, but also because of the quality of connection we shared and the friendships we immediately formed with each other. I wrote a post about metamours recently where I shared my personal experiences in meeting my partners' other partners, and that night was a testament to why everyone in a poly relationship should at least try to connect with their metamours! Here’s how it went down...

A few weeks ago my friend texted me to see if I wanted to check out Thunder From Down Under with her and a couple of other women. I’ve never been to a show like that, so I was definitely intrigued. I was also very curious to meet these women – all of us have dated the same guy at one point or another!

The fun began with the first texts in our group chat, initially created to iron out logistics. As soon as we got the basic intros out of the way, anticipation-building GIFs, witty hashtags, and super fun girl talk followed. I remember thinking "I like these people already, and I haven't even met them yet, this is going to be great!"

On the day of the show, we met up early to carpool to the city to have enough time for some pre-show drinks and snacks. In the hour it took us to get there we managed to cover all kinds of interesting topics around relationships and polyamory, female sexuality, and holistic medicine, and got to know each other a bit. It felt so empowering to talk about my own polyamory experiences with people who not only totally “get it” but also have similar taste in men.

When we got to the venue, there was a slideshow playing on the wall of the men we were about to see do a steamy dance for us on stage. We ordered some drinks and took lots of selfies while we could (photography wasn’t allowed during most of the show). The anticipation was almost as exciting as the actual performance!

A photo from the pre-show slideshow

Then it started. Last time I shrieked this much was probably at the Madonna concert 15 years ago... You just can't help it when a bunch of ripped Australian men dance 10 feet in front of you and gradually take their clothes off. Every dance had a different theme: SWAT team, Tarzan/jungle, cowboys, even vampires! Somehow these guys were able to look in the eye of every member of the audience. Not sure how five people could keep 400 others so completely engaged… special talent, I guess. They came down from the stage during nearly every song and somehow managed to interact with practically every person in the audience – winking, brushing a hand against a shoulder, kissing, lap-dancing, touching, or simply staring. It was awesome!!

Blurry, because it was hard to keep hands steady at this point

But the really special part of the show was seeing how much fun everyone in our group was enjoying themselves. We all laughed and smiled so much that our faces were sore afterwards. Talking about the experience on the way back was also very interesting. We shared which uniforms got us most excited, which guy each of us fancied the most, and then exchanged stories about our best and worst dates.

The whole experience helped me realize how wonderful it is to have an extended network of people in my life that understand my life choices and are open to having these kinds of shared experiences together. If not for them, my life would definitely be way less exciting. And not only because of the chance to see hot Australians on stage!

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